File A Complaint  How to file an RF Meter Radiation Accommodation Letter / Discrimination Complaint – 

People with disabilities and medical conditions may feel they are being discriminated against – involuntarily exposed to RF radiation from smart meters on their property or neighboring properties that may cause harm, risk, exacerbate an existing condition, or are being charged fees to opt-out of smart meters for medical reasons (illegal surcharge). Accommodations may be requested of the PUC or utility for qualifying disabilities or medical conditions. A discrimination complaint may be filed if accommodations aren’t met.


 To file a more general complaint and/or tell the powers that be you will not tolerate either a ‘smart’ and/or an RF emitting meter see contact info:

If you have a ‘smart’ meter in the Worcester Pilot call NGrid at 855-377-7627  & email or send certified letter follow a up citing utility rep name, date and time of call (sample text below).

  • cc: Committee reviewing opt-out of ‘smart’ & RF meters, Bill H.2926:
    • &
      • If you include ‘Testimony for Bill H. 2926″ your letter will be considered when the Committee considers the bill.
  • cc: Worcester Mayor Petty & City  Council:
    • Even if you are not from Worcester:  they are facilitating the pilot program
  • cc: Attorney General,
  • cc:
  • cc: Your state rep, senator & press
  • cc:
    • The complaint ‘paper trail’ is sketchy.  Though we are 100% sure many have contacted various offices the standard line is ‘only a couple.’   If you choose to cc us free to redact personal info or alternatively please just notify us that you acted; that will be a huge help!  Thank you.

EXAMPLE: I do not, nor will I ever consent to a so-called ‘smart’ meter affixed to my home. I am actively encouraging friends, neighbors and loved ones to do likewise.  Please do all you can do to halt deployment. However, if ‘smart’ meters are deployed, Bill H. 2926 is crucial to preserving Massachusetts residents’ rights.  I am particularly concerned about…

  • adverse untracked health effects
  • electrical & fire safety
  • unprescedented invasion of privacy slippery slope
  • terrorism & hacking
  • property values
  • ecological impacts
  • all RF-emitting meters
  • please personalize i.e. use your own ‘voice’ and add your story or other info
    • 800-732-3400, email form,  (take screenshot or copy and email yourself)
    • 800-592-2000,  
    • 413-781-4300 email form,
    • Some municipalities have deployed ‘smart’ meters; many are RF.
      • Contact directly (but when discussing the meters the term ‘RF emitting’ is quite different than  ‘smart’ as ‘smart is not a technical term.
  •  Alternate Dept of Public Utilities
    • 617.305.3500,

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