~  $5,500 Per Meter  ~  $15M Over Budget ~ Thousands Have Quit ~ *


CLICK HERE for a 0ne-page summary (→) followed by references/explanations/links of the major flaws in the Year 1 ‘smart’ meter pilot ‘interim’ report that National Grid submitted to the Department of Public Utilities. For a printable version (1-page only)  CLICK HERE.

See below for a two-minute video explaining how 11,000 customers could not save both a negligible 0.2% AND $1.25M. 

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Check back for recap of the June 13, 2016 Attorney General’s Energy and Environment June 13, 2016 Public Listening Session for the Greater Worcester Area.

National Grid Year One Interim Report HERE.

* HaltMAsmartMeters erroneously calculated the updated budget to be $74M instead of $60M thereby also calculating the cost per meter to be $7k instead of $5,500 each. HMSM added the $14M to be recovered from customers in 2016 to the 2014 budget projections. However, because the $60M figure was projected in 2014 HaltMAsmartMeters fully expects ratepayer costs to exceed $60M, and the cost per meter to exceed $5,500 by a wide margin. We apologize if this caused any inconvenience.

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