Analog Meters vs. Smart Meters

Center for Electro smog Prevention chart
Benefits of Analog Meters vs. Smart Meters
Why you should opt-out today!

According to some experts / reports by consumers: Analog (Electromechanical) Meters
Smart Meters (Electronic)
RF Radiation Exposure No YES
Part of mesh network that blankets community with RF radiation No YES
Health complaints No YES
AAEM physicians’ association warnings about health effects No YES
Santa Cruz Health Dept. warnings about RF radiation emissions No YES
Privacy Intrusion No YES
Hack able No YES
Utility collects personal energy use data No YES
Data on your personal energy use may be provided to 3rd parties No YES
Can cause “dirty electricity” emissions on wiring No YES
Can be used to power down or shut off your appliances No YES
Can be used to remotely shutoff your utility service No YES
Can be used to charge for Time-of-Use rating No YES
Higher bills complaints No YES
Appliance Burnout Complaints No YES
Associated with numerous house fires No YES
Interference w/ wireless devices No YES
Safety complaints No YES
Can contribute to  electrical grid failure No YES
Meter has short life No – last 30-50 years YES – last 12-15 years
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