MassAGOSealIt’s not too late to sign the petition asking the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office (AGO) to investigate irregularities and problems related to the National Grid AMI so-called ‘smart’ meter pilot (HaltMAsmartMeters delivered it on 5/21). This is a major step toward the powers-that-be scrutinizing National Grid, who has run amok in and around Worcester.

The AGO, in order to advocate for ratepayers, needs to computer-petition-clipartknow what Massachusetts ratepayers are thinking and experiencing. Worcesterites are especially encouraged to write, but the AGO recognizes that what happens in Worcester will not stay in Worcester. If you live in Massachusetts, please send your story and/or viewpoint, even if it is one sentence to:

Sandra Merrick, Office of the Attorney General
Energy and Telecommunications Deputy Division Chief
sandra.merrick  at state  dot  ma  dot us (use @ for at and “.” for dot)

It would be helpful to watch HMSM’s 28 minute video, The Many Faces of ‘smart’ Meters. See other resources, as well on the HMSM Media page.

Also, Ms. Merrick is very nice and not our adversary. The AGO may step up but needs to hear from you! If you are so inclined, cc HaltMAsmartMeters   at  gmail   dot   com so we have a sense of the activity; we will not post or publish your emails.

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