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5G signal will be more complex than 4G and wi-fi because of its faster speeds (up to 200X faster than 4G) and the higher information content of the signal.  It will be used for virtual reality, self-driving cars, smart networking all household appliances, microchip communication with your “pill bottles and plant waters” (per FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler)  5G is being called “super wi-fi”

While all this technology is dazzling, there has been NO consideration given to health effects by the FCC or the Obama administration, which has decided to
spend $400 million (your tax money!) to fund large scale tests in 4 cities.
These 4 cities will be decided by open competition and testing will begin in 2017
Shouldn’t our government spend some money to test health effects of 5G before deployment? 
If you have experienced skin problems with wi-fi or 4G, it will likely worsen with 5G because it’s likely to affect our skin and neuronal cells in the upper layer of the skin
So if you have never noticed symptoms before from wi-fi or 4G, you might experience them with 5G.
Mark Lowenstein, Vice-President of Strategy at Verizon Wireless, quoted studies stating that the current approach for 5G wireless internet will require one 30-foot tower for every twelve homes.
(if your community does not have any power lines or light poles, 5G implementation will require that new light poles be installed)
Cities are receiving applications for 5G already (they may not be called 5G, but called small cell DAS sites)
Below are 2 pictures for 5G tower proposals that have been received in some cities in Maryland (slide 6)
which was prepared by citizens in Montgomery County, Maryland for their county government. (from Theodora Scarato)
The citizens in this county are being proactive by working with their local government NOW regarding changes to their wireless ordinance to protect the county.
In sum they are asking for
1) protecting aesthetics of the community and determining locations of new poles, as has been done successfully in Calabasas, Spokane, San Francisco, Palos Verdes (see slide 20 – very important)
2) notification of all residents within 1000ft of any installations in the public right of way
3) moratorium on new poles until the changes to wireless ordinance are completed

Inline image 1
Add. Info From Slide 4:

LightTowers would be:

        1. Part of a Distributed Area System (DAS), meaning they would work together to provide coverage

        2. 25-33 feet tall, >8 inch diameter steel poles bearing 300+ pound antennas each

        3. Placed in Right-of-Ways in neighborhoods with no above-ground utilities

        4. Permitted in yards of residential homes

        5. Located approximately 300 yards apart throughout neighborhoods

        6. Permitted to be modified (enlarged) once installed

        Approximately 700 towers have already been proposed for Gaithersburg, Germantown, and North Potomac neighborhoods.

Look what happened to this home (slide 24)
A 25-ft light pole was replaced with a huge 65-foot pole – residents were surprised when this happened
Inline image 1
Actions to Take NOW
Since some cities have started receiving applications, and if you are concerned about having a 30ft tower per every 12 homes in your neighborhood
I would recommend that you take the following actions IMMEDIATELY:

1) Contact your city planning dept. to find out if they have received applications yet for small DAS cell sites (the applications won’t say 5G) or any new cell towers.

2) Look up your city’s wireless ordinance (obtain from your city planning dept) and find out your city’s code specifies regarding height, aesthetics, etc.
3) Meet with your city council and planning dept. to discuss changes to your city’s wireless ordinance based on aesthetics as per above (1996 TCA forbids siting decisions based on health concerns)
4) Meet with your Senators and Congressman to discuss this 5G rollout – how no health studies have been done but FCC decided to roll out anyway despite government NTP study released in May 2016 that showed a statistically significant increase in brain and heart cancer in rats exposed to cell phone radiation.
Congress can overrule the FCC, because the FCC is a regulatory body created by Congress.
This will only work if a LOT of people meet with their Congressman 
5) Publicize to your neighborhood about what is coming with 5G – happening next year, one 30ft tower per 12 homes, 300yd apart.
   Your neighbors may not know these are small cell towers because they will be made to look like tall light poles – they have a right to know.
   One way would be to post on to reach a lot of people in your neighborhood.  Inform them of other negatives besides potential health effects.  However, be prepared for negative comments because most people have not heard about health effects from cell phone radiation, they love their phones and don’t want to believe there could be health effects.
6) Publicize and increase awareness in your community about potential health effects, especially that no studies by our government have been done on 5G!
7) NOW is the time to start forming community groups if you haven’t already and meet with your city government and Congressional representatives regarding 5G.
Find your House representative here
5G is happening next year, so action must be taken NOW.
5G will be very intrusive, and your political representatives need to know how you feel about this.
8) Submit comments on 5G if you haven’t already.  Deadline tomorrow Friday Sep. 30.  See instructions below.
———- Forwarded message ———-
From Catherine at

Please submit your comment to the 5G wireless dockets by September 30, 2016.  It is very important that a lot of people do this even if the comment is short.
Please include a brief summary of your personal experience and why increased wireless radiation will be detrimental to you.  Please upload your favorite papers to support your comment if you have them.  The FCC will not necessarily visit links so attach as many of them as your time and connection will allow.  Below is some suggested wording for asking that a NEPA review and EIS (environmental impact statement).  Some links to supporting papers are also included.  Please attach copies.  Don’t just use the links.
Thank you.  
Follow These Instructions to Make Comments (from Kevin Mottus):
1. Click on this link
2. Click on “Submit a Filing” Tab at the top of the page.
3. Click on “Express a Comment” (on top of the page) to just make a comment or “Standard Filing” to attach documents (one of which can be your comment).
4. You can make one comment for all five docket numbers at once. Simply type in or Copy and Paste each of these Docket numbers one at a time into the “Proceedings” Field and make sure they are accurately displayed in the window: 14-177, 15-256, RM-11664, 10-112, 97-95
5. Fill out all required fields and click “Enter” or “Return” before you go to the next field.
6. Once all fields are filled our – click continue screen.
7. Review and submit.
8. Make sure you write down your confirmation # so that you can check on your submission.
Implementation of 5G is a major Federal action significantly affecting the quality of human environment; as such, a NEPA review is be triggered. The potential environmental and human health hazards from 5G necessitates a comprehensive NEPA review [Envtl. Def. Fund v. Tenn. Valley Auth., 468 F.2d 1164, 1174 (6th Cir. 1972)] and, specifically, a formal Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).  The EIS should include a full review of environmental effects, as well as human health and safety.  The FCC has an obligation to evaluate whether “services or capabilities are essential to public health, safety, or in the public interest” (H.R. Report No. 104-204, p. 94) and so must protect the public from possible harm caused by radiofrequency radiation.


The FCC is not entitled to essentially disregard comments that do not provide global cost-benefit analysis (Scenic Hudson v. Federal Power Commission). The Commission has an affirmative duty to inquire into and consider all relevant facts.  The FCC must use government resources to perform the relevant analysis.  The FCC should request the EPA use its National Risk Management Research Laboratory resources and experts to conduct all cost analyses necessary.
This proposal also triggers the need for a Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service under Executive Order 13186 concerning effects on migratory birds.
Environmental Impacts
U.S. Department of Interior States: Current Radiation Standards Inapplicable 
On February 7, 2014, the U.S. Department of Interior (DOI) stated, “the electromagnetic radiation standards used by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) continue to be based on thermal heating, a criterion now nearly 30 years out of date and inapplicable today,” in reference to the current limits governing radiation utilized by WiFi.  The DOI letter discusses a number of studies in which birds appear harmed by low-level RF radiation associated with cell towers and other wireless technologies ( Furthermore, DOI required FirstNet to undergo a comprehensive NEPA review and planning program. Implementation of 5G which will have similar widespread impacts must do so as well.
RF radiation kills and damages trees
Trees are being killed and damaged across the U.S. and world-wide even without full-scale implementation of 5G.  RF radiation is being implicated as the cause. Several studies show the very serious effects that RF radiation has on the health of trees. Trees are essential to the welfare of the global environment and the continuation of the human race. Decimation of the amazon rainforest by direct human actions has been oft-cited as endangering the global environment, the FCC should not be moving forward with implementing a technology, 5G wireless technology, that will hasten the RF caused death of our urban and rural forests. Please read the following papers to see the toll RF is already taking on trees. We cannot afford additional forest die-off. Large mature trees are being seriously damaged and killed, this damage will take 50 years or more to repair.
RF radiation kills and impairs reproduction of wildlife
A parade of studies continue to be published implicating wireless technology in the demise of frogs, bats, and honey bees, the threatened extinction of the house sparrow, and damage to the DNA of the human species. It is vital to the continuation of life that large parts of Earth are spared the incessant radiation that accompanies wireless technologies.
Protecting my health and that of others by using a hardwired computer in a low RF environment.  For more information,
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