End Decision-Based Evidence Making for National Grid, Worcester

A crazy scenario unfolded in Millis, MA this week. A young officer was texting while driving, and crashed his police car. He chose to try to cover his tracks by inventing a story that he had taken gunshots from a moving vehicle as he drove down the street. The response was a manhunt involving reverse 911 calls, road closures, helicopters, search dogs, school cancellation, media frenzy, and, fortunately, trained investigators with tremendous integrity.

Millis MA is also the home to the Kundalini yoga community. Yogi Bhajan, now deceased, brought his lineage to the US in the 1960’s, and teachers around the globe continue to share his wisdom. I remember when I read a quotation by him about lying and habits. He stated something along the lines of “If you lie once, its an experiment, if you continue to lie, it becomes a habit, and then it becomes part of your character.” At the time, I became highly sensitized to white lies, exaggerations, and omissions, as well as the dynamics that triggered me to be less than forthright in my communications.  I endeavored to move into a more conscious relationship with honesty and the vulnerability that accompanies living in truth.

An individual, organization, community, and a nation can either be aligned with integrity or with falsehoods.  Sometimes a large lie can be constructed in a moment of panic. In other instances, like a Bernie Madoff who keeps siphoning funds, a series of untruthful actions can cause suffering of enormous magnitude. Sometimes the private lives of family and friends unravel quietly in the face of falsehood.

Energy policy in the United States is currently based on a series of falsehoods surrounding one significant underlying lie. The lie is that the focus is on sustainability, energy efficiency, health, and the environment, when it’s actually about money, more money, and surveillance.

Like a hydra that keeps spawning new heads, individuals in the media, government, universities, industry, regulatory agencies, and in the military have continued to take on the role of habitual lying.  Some start out unaware that they are misinformed, and simply repeat talking points sourced from mercenary scientists and professional liars who have constructed a false narrative. But as citizen activists step up to point out untruths, the choice point is offered. Very few decision makers have responded in integrity to challenge the falsehood.

The head of the hydra keeps spawning a number of legislative and policy manipulations that are designed to keep Americans enslaved by the energy industries, including net metering, caps on solar, and the emphasis on massive installations of industrial scale solar, wind, and hydro that require networks of high tension power lines for transport over long distances, financing, massive consumption of resources, environmental degradation, and adverse health impacts.  The alternative, outlined in the study “Getting Smarter About the Smart Grid” is decentralized microgrids.

What worked in Millis with the patrolman’s car crash is that a team of skilled independent investigators had only one agenda, which was to determine the truth.  No underlying greed, ego, or compromised ideals prevailed. Like the devoted church secretary who becomes suspicious of the pedophile priest, it must have been difficult for those involved to recognize that the officer himself shot his own vehicle.  Those who came forward to apologize spoke with pure honestly, humility, and grace. There was no false bravo or pride, but Truth carried great power born of integrity and dignity of those involved.

What is not working in the United States is that there is no agency, individual, or profession that has taken the high road to admit to Americans that the ideal of the “Smart Utility Grid” and smart meters being installed in collaboration with the wireless industry, is based from the very start on a series of lies. The predatory model has been built on half truths, omissions, misrepresentations, exaggeration, boasts, false promises, and ridicule of those who have been injured.

When National Grid came to Worcester with its smart meter pilot, its career tobacco scientist, and its mercenary liars, they told the community that the “smart meters only operated outside,” that they are “only read in 15 minute intervals”, that they have been “proven safe” (denying fires and harm to human health), and that they have such low power and transmit a small percentage of time that the technology is inconsequential to human and environmental health. Only four Worcester City Councilors spoke on behalf of the community: Konnie Lukes, Gary Rosen, Michael Gaffney, and Moe Bergman, in addition to Worcester’s lawyer, who may be one of the most ethical public servants in the country.

Worcester voters get a chance to choose elected officials from either side of the line – those that became proponents of the false narrative, and those who didn’t.

In light of the dismissal and ridicule of Americans who have been injured by the proliferation of wireless devices, and the Brussels Accord just released this week, Worcester has the opportunity to be a City based in integrity and not as a backdrop for policy-based evidence making.

In light of the fact that the MA DPU hasn’t bothered to wait for the results of the “$48M” pilot (that bears no relationship to what full deployment will entail) and that the DPU intends to charge ratepayers millions of dollars to put lipstick on a pig, please vote for honesty, integrity, and representative government, and oppose unethical human experimentation without knowledge and consent. All Worcester residents were immorally placed in harm’s way. Those who were unaware of the lack of ethics in the first place have received ample evidence and had plenty of time to recognize the lack of integrity of the pilot and the DPU mandate.  Tag, you’re it.








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