Until ‘smart’ meters we had the right to choose how much microwave radio frequency radiation (RF) to expose ourselves and our loved ones to.  Like sensitivity to loud noises or various types of pollen or reactions to medications, sensitivity to microwave frequencies varies from person to person.  Sweden estimates that 3% of the population is electrohypersensitive (EHS).

Frequent bursts of microwave radiation – round-the-clock on homes without the owners’ knowledge or consent – constitute a major, silent paradigm shift.   Until ‘smart’ meter infrastructure sensitive people had the freedom not to use or subject themselves to: cell phones, cordless land line phone, cordless baby monitors, Wi-Fi or ‘smart’ appliances.  They even had the option to move if radiofrequency (RF) or dirty electricity (DE) increased because of a new tower or neighbor.  ‘Smart’ meter infrastructure deployment   – Commonwealth-wide removes that choice… forever.

You or a loved one may exhibit mild sensitivity but, like so many others attribute symptoms to another reason (getting old, etc.) and not seek professional medical advice until it becomes acute.  For some simply turning off the Wi-Fi and minimizing cell phone usage reduces or eliminates symptoms.  For others, who live as RF/DE free as possible a ‘smart’ meter can mean the difference between living a productive life and just waiting to die.

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