My name is Marguerite LaChance and I would like to tell everyone about the health problems I had after the so-called smart meter was installed on my house.

In May of 2011 the meter was placed on my house without my authorization and with no notice or warning of all the health hazards.  Around that same time, I remember that I started feeling tired all the time, getting very dizzy, I started passing out and was having chest pains.  I started getting very weak and needed a cane to walk around so I would not fall; but I fell, many times.

My Doctor started treating me for vertigo, with no results.

In March 2012 I passed out again and fell to the ground, because I was so weak and dizzy; the paramedics brought me to the hospital.  I was in the ER for a day then transferred to the intensive care for a day, and then I was another day in patient care. They did all kinds of test and blood work but found nothing wrong, except that my heart rate was low; but attributed that to lack of oxygen.  So they sent me home with oxygen bottles, which I had to use day and night, but it didn’t help.

The chest pains were getting worse, no one knew why.  I was in and out of the doctors’ office as well as the hospital, having test after test and endless blood work.  They could not find anything wrong; at this point the pain was going up to my neck and making my left arm numb.

Then my Dr. did some very intrusive test, and found no answers about what was wrong with me and finally suggested I go to see my cardiologist.  They ran more tests and did more blood work but all they could tell me was, my heart did not cause the pain.

I felt like I was dying, but no one had any idea why.  I had no life in me, dizzy, headaches, chest pains, weak, couldn’t breath, and I needed oxygen all day long.  Every living moment of my life was agony, I really though it was over for me, and there was no help.

At this point my son Robert started doing research on the Internet and discovered that other people were having the same health problems.  Robert printed many articles for me to read that were written by professionals and Doctors all around the world.  These articles are telling people about the problems other people are having from the smart meters.

My son called CMP and asked them to remove the meter and they did so with in two hours, after he told them I had a pacemaker.  CMP told us it would cost us $40 to put back the old meter, even though they took it for free in the first place.  They also said, “we would have to pay an extra twelve dollars a month for that.”  I understand approximately half the state is not on smart meters and they are not paying an extra twelve dollars a month; for the old fashion, safe meters.

I am so very happy to say 3 days after that meter was gone, I stopped having chest pains, and within a week I didn’t need the oxygen all the time.  My energy started coming back to me and I was walking without the cane.  After about a month, I started sleeping nights, no more headaches, no more chest pains, and no more dizziness or passing out falling to the ground.  My life is pleasurable again, and I truly enjoy living, Thank the Lord.

I called CMP several times and spoke with at least six different people about all of the issues I experienced.  Not one person at CMP seemed to care or even believe me.  They are still making me pay extra to live free of the awful effects of their terrible new meter.  But I would rather pay them their wrongful fees and live then save twelve dollars a month and die.


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date:  Fri, Apr 19, 2013 at 11:25 PM
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