ngridsaetyandsecuritytexasPUCreportHaltMAsmartMeters.org thanks Texas Lt. Governer Dewhurst, who issued a 3/26/2014 statement (below) on  urging “administrative bodies” not to rely on the Texas PUC ‘health’ report authored by a cybersecurity employee but instead to “conduct independent research.” The report is deeply flawed and has created controversy all over the U.S. HMSM, in collaboration with consumer advocate groups across North America published a rebuttal (see below).

National Grid and the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities liberally cite and quote this document which has now been qualified by the State of Texas.

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Rivaldo report update
From: “Lt. Governor David Dewhurst” <Service.Account@ltgov.state.tx.us>
Date: Wed, March 26, 2014 3:48 pm
To: “patriotshar@texansagainstsmartmeters.com”

Dear Patriot Shar,

Since the December 2012 issuance of a report on the health effects of smart meters by the Public Utilities Commission of Texas, many individuals have contacted our office raising concerns about the methodology used in the study of studies. In light of these communications, we have asked for the State to again look into these health concerns. It has also been brought to our attention that the report is being relied upon by administrative bodies across the United States and Canada. We encourage all such administrative bodies to conduct independent research to ensure that health concerns are fully addressed.


David Dewhurst
Lieutenant Governor

A highly controversial document was disseminated by the Texas Public Utilities Commission (similar to the Mass. Department of Public Utilities) in 2011.  It is widely cited by ‘smart’ meter proponents including National Grid who calls it Texas PUC SmartMeter RF EMF Health.

Patricia Burke of HaltMAsmartMeters, in concert with many knowledgeable people across the U.S. created this well cited rebuttal/critique.  Texas-PUC-Critique-Reubttal_FINAL-11-20  Note:  the document is large but the column format lends itself to easy reading/comparison.

Also see this related shorter version.  Texas rebuttal

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