HaltMAsmartMeters is true cross section of the Commonwealth: babies to mature, ultra liberal through ultra conservative and dignified to the hilt to… well the Cat in the Hat. We have come together and invite you to join us to battle so-called ‘smart’ meters and ‘smart’ infrastructure.


activate-worcester-clipartTwo parts…  #’s Seventy-three 73    &    Seventy-four 74:     Activate Worcester, hosted by Ron Motta, HaltMAsmartMeters  and Ron discuss a wide array of topics, many in depth.  Excerpts featured in HMSM’s The Many Faces of ‘smart’ Meters.                       Click for pdf of transcriptions and links related to ‘The Many Faces of ‘smart’ Meters.’


Burlington and Beyond #7 – Paul Girard, Pat Moreno & Adam Senesi discuss privacy & security issues with HMSM.  Shortly after this show was aired, NStar (Burlington’s utility) declared in Mass. DPU Docket12-76  bid to mandate ‘smart’ meters, “There is no rational basis for the implementation of AMI (‘smart’ meters)” (highlighted version)

About Smart Meters #1 – WCCA TV 13 Special –  Several testimonials against “smart” meters in Worcester due to adverse, untracked, health effects, invasion of privacy, ecological impacts and more.

ABOUT SMART METERS #2 – WCCATV13 Special  – Patricia and Clare of HaltMAsmartmeters share revealing ‘smart’ meter data obtained through a Freedom of Information Act from Naperville, IL:  ‘smart’ meter privacy invasion. Also, implications for the urban poor documented in the Chicago Health Impact Assessment of smart meters: Heat, or Eat is discussed.  

About Smart Meters #3 – WCCA TV 13 Special   – See excerpts of U.K. military expert Barrie Trower  and Jerry Day. Also, HMSM’s comprehensive booklet and  formal rebuttal to the Texas PUC Report on health disseminated by National Grid.

About Smart Meters #4 – WCCA TV 13 Special  –  The Seletun Scientific Statement recommends lower limits for electromagnetic fields and wireless exposures.   “Current US and ICNIRP standards for radiofrequency and microwave radiation from wireless technologies are entirely inadequate.” -Olle Johansson.   Also testimony by Phylis Traver and Thea Fournier

Smart Meters #5 – WCCA TV 13 Special  – Health experts and citizens from Canada, the U.K., Germany, and California regarding hazards of microwave radiofrequency and wireless smart utility meters like those being deployed in Worcester by National Grid for its smart meter pilot program.

About Smart Meters #6 – WCCA TV 13 Special –  Arizona, California, and Maine politicians express concerns about wireless smart utility meters, mirroring unaddressed health, privacy, safety, security, cost, and green-washing concerns expressed by informed Massachusetts residents.

About Smart Meters: About Smart Meters #7  – Electromagnetic Field / Smart Meter Health Concerns presented by Karl Maret, M.D., Eng. January ’14. Dr. Karl Maret is an engineer, physician, former researcher in the Canadian Armed Forces and expert in electromagnetic fields discussing the potential biological and health effects from the radiation emitted by wireless devices and smart meters.

About Smart Meters: About Smart Meters #8  – Smart Meters & Wireless: Should We Be Concerned? Excerpts from a presentation by award-winning Canadian journalist William Thomas, and testimony from two CA residents. Despite reports of serious adverse health affects, the Worcester pilot program has no health monitoring and no provisions for residents who may be harmed.

About Smart Meters: About Smart Meters #9 – Over 130 groups are actively opposing wireless smart utility meters in the US.  See a medical professional opposing smart meters,  a military professional asserting 4th amendment rights in Nevada and more. 

About Smart Meters: About Smart Meters #10 – On May 5, 2014 ” Peter Valberg testified as an expert on radiofrequencies on behalf of  National Grid for the Worcester Zoning Board.  MA ratepayers are financing this product defense specialist to defend smart meters.  Is Valberg credible?  Was he credible when he testified as to the safety of diesel fumes, Hex-Chrome and second hand smoke?



PROPONENTS:  Sen. Harriette Chandler’s Beacon Hill Chat #149 with John Orr, WPI smart grid engineer and Ed White,  VP – Customer Strategy at National Grid.  Sen. Chandler specified this program exists to help her constituents make decisions regarding ‘smart’ meters.  HMSM repeatedly contacted Sen. Chandler regarding 1) Mr. Whites’s answer to her privacy question i.e. how small are the increments National Grid’s ‘smart’ meters CAN collect?. Mr. White answered “15 minute intervals.” Note, Itron’s Worcester meter spec sheet says 5 minute intervals, as well as 2) Orr’s non-disclosure of his ‘smart’ grid ties to National Grid (His $495k portion of Premium Power’s grant “Smart Grid Distributed Energy Storage Systems Demonstration for National Grid…“)  Senator Chandler has not yet responded. Chandler can be reached at 617-722-1544 or . Orr’s grant and relationship with National Grid was disclosed on WTAG on 1/31/14.

soapbox_screenshotSoapbox #884 SmartGrid – WCCA TV 13 – Host WCCA Executive Director Mauro DePasquale welcomes guests Patricia Burke, Clare Donegan, and John Dick who present their opinions about the Smartgrid system and smart meters.


forwhatitsworth-screenshotWhat It’s Worth #278 – WCCA TV 13 – Host: Tommy Colletta welcomes guests HMSM to discuss smart meters and their infrastructure. ALSO, see Senator Harriet Chandler dismiss health, cost, privacy & security issues as (unfounded) fear of the unknown in WIW episode #285 at 26 minutes;  ‘smart’ meters  are just ‘the next step,’ she says.  It seems Sen. Chandler did not consider NStar’s 12-76-A DPU Comments including  “there is no rational basis for the implementation of  AMI (‘smart’ meters & infrastructure).” The ‘expertise’ of the WPI professor whose “Smart Grid Distributed Energy Storage Systems Demonstration for National Grid” grant totals $495k) swayed her sufficiently, it seems.


October 2013 WHAT IT’S WORTH #276  Tommy Colletta’s guest  R. Gil Pontius Jr., Ph.D., Professor of Geography, Clark University :“I’ve gotten sucked into this hurricane and Worcester is at the eye of the storm”discusses Clark’s LEEP program and ‘smart’ meters/grid in Worcester.  (WCCA TV13 – NOT HMSM but ‘smart’ meter topic.) 

gilviettommyforwhatitsworthOctober 2013  WHAT IT’S WORTH #277  Tommy Colletta’s guest Clark University Professor of Geography R. Gil Pontius Jr.,  and his student, Viet Do from Viet Nam discuss pros/cons of ‘smart’ meters & Worcester’s involvement. (WCCA TV13 – NOT HMSM)

wcca_earlyoctober-EDITORIAL-john-leslie-patricia-clareOctober 2013:  WCCA SPECIAL EDITORIAL:  ABOUT SMART METERS#1 John Dick  recounts two acquaintances’ recent auto-enroll/opt out sagas;  Clare and Patricia discuss various aspects and Leslie Saffer gives the testimony she recently presented to the Worcester Public Safety and Transportation Committee.

soapbox892hmsmmauro20mins October 2013: SOAPBOX #892 WCCA Executive Director Mauro DePasquale talks with HaltMAsmartMeters about the Worcester ‘smart’ meter auto-enroll process – lack of customer choice, Green2Growth having handpicked attendees, etc.



8-12-13 KOFFEE WITH KONNIE #415   Former Mayor and current Worcester City Councilor Konnie Lukes discusses activism, ‘smart’ meters and solar issues with Worcester (near National Grid’s proposed 90′ Tatnuck Tower) resident  John Dick.   Konnie:  “I’m not sure that I want to be part of this program. ”  (WCCA TV13)

speak_out_sandi_martinez_screenshot8-8-13 SPEAK OUT  Two hours (scroll at link) with Sandi Martinez   Conservative-leaning Clare and Liberal-leaning Patricia cover many ‘smart’ topics with Ms. Martinez, a staunch republican. Please note, some of the views expressed by Sandi and/or Clare do not represent HMSM or Patricia.  


07-26-13 GARY ROSEN’S ROUND TABLE  #146  with Moe Bergman, Gary Vecchio and HMSM.   Excellent 27 minute discussion of the facets of ‘smart’ meters and the Worcester ‘smart’ pilot  (WCCA TV13)


07-23-13:  WHAT IT’S WORTH #270.  Tommy Colletta’s guests Phyllis Traver, Certified Building Biologist of Your Safeand Sound Home LLC, Patricia Burke, HMSM and John Dick, Tatnuck, Worcester solar producer discuss radiofrequency/ microwave health effects, and more.  (WCCA TV13)

soapbox884patriciajohnmauryclarestillframe06-24-13:  SOAPBOX.  MauroDePasquale‘s guests Patricia Burke, Clare Donegan, and John Dick present their opinions about the Smartgrid   (WCCA TV13)

ROSENSROUNDTABLESCREENSHOT06-14-13:  ROSEN’S ROUNDTABLE:   Gary Rosen’s panel members are Moe Bergman, Gary Vecchio and Tracy Novick. Electric companies want to replace your dumb old meter with a smart one.  (WCCA TV13 – NOT HMSM but ‘smart’ meter topic.)


May 2013:  ACTIVATE WORCESTER.  Ron Motta and Chris Pinto  welcome Clare Donegan to the show to talk about the National Grid Worcester ‘smart’ pilot program  (WCCA TV13)


bnnsmartmeternewschrislev04-23-13:  BNN News Interviews Clare Donegan, about health effects and other ‘smart’ meter issues


nightside-with-dan-rea-200x2003/10/14, 9 – 10 pm  HMSM with National Grid on WBZ’s  Nightside with Dan RaePodcast.



wtag+paul+westcottPAUL WESTCOTT OF WTAG, Worcester talked for a few minutes with Clare Donegan from about why smart meters should not be welcomed into Central Mass. Sept. 5th 2013.


WICN-screenshotOctober 2013: THE BUSINESS BEAT with Steve D’Agostino and his guests, John Dick and Clare is scheduled to air on on 90.5 WICN, the Central New England NPR affiliate on either Sunday, November 10th at 10 p.m. Listen Live or stream at thereafter.



Halting Smart Meter Installation in MA and Beyond, by Patricia Burke: Wireless ‘smart’ wireless utility meters raise serious, unresolved, health, environmental, cost, privacy, security, safety/fire, greenwashing, choice, etc. concerns.  Massachusetts is moving toward mandating ‘smart’ meters.  Individual homes opting out does NOT protect residents; learn why. What can you do?  Why do you need to do it now?

spiritofchangelogo_issue-header10/18/2013 Smart Meters and Yoga’s Role in Rebalancing the Earth by Patricia Burke in Spirit of Change , an holistic and alternative health magazine.



Worcester Door

9/17/13: Smart Meters Are Not An Environmentally Sustainable Option by Leslie Saffer  –  “In summary, scores of credible sources have gone on record as opposing deployment based on one or more of the hazards: health concerns, privacy, security, safety and/or exorbitant costs… with few or no benefits for consumers.  Only by supporting people to become aware can they be empowered to speak out on behalf of themselves and their neighbors.”

deanstarkmanuse_360_3188/8/13:  “Worcester Is Front Line In Battle Over Utilities ‘Smart Meters” – Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist Dean Starkman’s comprehensive article on GoLocalWorcester.  Also see comment stream (same article) on GoLocalProvidenceRI 8/19/13:  “Public Hearing on Worcester Smart Meters Set for August 21”  (click here for article) (GoLocalWorcester) 7/25/13:  Attorney General Martha Coakley position regarding Worcester ‘smart’ pilot (letter to the eiditor:  Coakley quotes) (Worcester Magazine) 7/8/13:  FRONT PAGE ABOVE THE FOLD:  “Smart meters hailed by some, scorned by others”   By Patrick Ronan, The Patriot Ledger (South Shore, MA) 7/8/2013:  ‘Critical Mass’ – Opponents of Smart Meters Testify at State Hearing in Boston ( )

7/8/2013:  Smart meters hailed by some, scorned by others (Page 1, Patriot Ledger)


6/27/13:  Editorial cartoon  by Patricia Burke (Worcester Magazine)

June 21, 2013: Support Grows for Smart Meter Opt-Out Legislation  (Spirit of Change)

June 21, 2013  Smart’ meter op-out: “principle of choice  (Canada Free Press PR)

tim-toweringconcern-worcestermagJun 19, 2013:  A towering concern on Tory Fort Lane Tim Sullivan describes it as four years of hell. … company officials want to build a new 80-foot tower as part of the Smart Grid pilot program.  (Worcester Magazine)



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