If you want to retain any control over wireless antenna zoning near your home, act fast!

Bill S. 2183, or a similar language in Sections 74 & 75 of the House Economic Development Bill (H. 4181) is on the stealth double fast track to completely usurp local zoning laws. The language is so ridiculously broad that “any person” can create or expand any type of wireless network and install microwave antennas virtually anywhere. Zoning boards will have no ‘say’ – they will not even be permitted to suggest alternate locations.

This bill/language is bad and far-reaching on a monstrous, scale in perpetuity.

The Massachusetts Municipal Association opposition can be found here; the City of Quincy passed a resolution June 17th in opposition (see below for text). Your town should, too, but time is short before this is rammed through this ‘session.’

Please invest a minute to persuade officials to act on behalf of voters, not industry and lobbyists;  email (see below) the members of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, your senator and your rep today.  

Also, contact your town officials (council, selectmen, etc.) (find website here) and demand they protect your town for tomorrow and tomorrows to come.

Feel free to use or draw from the blurb below; it would be best if you use your own words but cutting and pasting is far, far better than not acting at all. Below, please find the list of Senate Ways & Means Committee members. 

Please do all you can to oppose Senate Bill 2183 “An Act upgrading mobile broadband coverage in the Commonwealth” or similar language in any bill that would further strip cities’ and towns’ power to regulate siting of wireless microwave antennas.  Thank you.

It would be great if you would also forward this information to friends and family, etc. and call each member listed; simply read your blurb.  

Contact with any questions or suggestions or progress, especially if you learn of any legislators who are opposed.

A comprehensive HaltMAsmartMeters newsletter is pending regarding:

Cut and pastable email list of Senate Ways and Means Committee members:; Sal.DiDomenico@masenate.govGale.Candaras@masenate.govEileen.Donoghue@masenate.govBenjamin.Downing@masenate.govPatricia.Jehlen@masenate.go

Senate Ways and Means Committee members list for phone calls (note, RED = “Opposed.”):





PH (617)


Stephen M. Brewer Chair D Barre 722-1540
Jennifer L. Flanagan Vice Chair D Leominster 722-1230
Sal N. DiDomenico Assit. Vice Chair D Everett 722-1650
Gale D. Candaras Member D Wilbraham 722-1291
Eileen M. Donoghue Member D Lowell 722-1630
Benjamin B. Downing Member D Pittsfield 722-1625
Patricia D. Jehlen Member D Somerville 722-1578
Brian A. Joyce Member D Milton 722-1643
Thomas P. Kennedy Member D Brockton 722-1200
Thomas M. McGee Member D Lynn 722-1350
Michael O. Moore Member  D Millbury 722-1485
Marc R. Pacheco Member D Taunton 722-1551
Anthony W. Petruccelli Member D East Boston 722-1634
Michael F. Rush Member D W. Roxbury 722-1348
James E. Timilty Member D Walpole 722-1222
Richard J. Ross Member R Wrentham 722-1555
Donald F. Humason, Jr. Member R Westfield 722-1415

City of Quincy, MA  Order Number 2014 – 160

Whereas, there are specific bills moving through the legislature presently whose passage and enactment would have an adverse impact upon neighborhoods throughout the city because they would pre-empt ALL municipal zoning control over the siting of wireless infrastructure.

Now, therefore be it resolved, that the Quincy City Council expresses its concern to our legislative delegation regarding any effort to limit or strip municipalities of any ability to regulate the placement of wireless infrastructure and further requests that our delegation oppose Sections 74 & 75 of the House Economic Development Bill (H. 4181) and Senate Bill (2183) which legislation will negate ANY local control over wireless infrastructure placement.

Passed and ordained June 17, 2014


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