Bill H.2926, An Act relative to utilities, smart meters, and ratepayers’ rights


Rally outside State House during testimony.

Click here to see June 18, 2103 testimony video*.

H. 2926 would ensure that Massachusetts ratepayers can choose, for any reason and without penalty not to have a ‘smart’ meter or a wireless utility meter of any kind attached to their homes.

Please email a letter or ‘testimony’ before the Joint Telecommunication Committee decides to kill the bill, bury it in another committee, or send it to the floor for a vote.   The time to act is now:  the Committee will accept submissions until their next action.  

    • (CoChair – Telecommunications) &
    • (CoChair – Telecommunications)
  • cc: Attorney General,
  • cc:
  • cc: Your state rep, senator & press
  • cc:
    • We would really appreciate a copy (feel free to redact personal info)

EXAMPLE: I do not, nor will I ever consent to a so-called ‘smart’ meter affixed to my home. I am actively encouraging friends, neighbors and loved ones to do likewise.  Please do all you can do to halt deployment. However, if ‘smart’ meters are deployed, Bill H. 2926 is crucial to preserving Massachusetts residents’ rights.  I am particularly concerned about…

  • adverse untracked health effects
  • electrical & fire safety
  • unprescedented invasion of privacy slippery slope
  • terrorism & hacking
  • property values
  • ecological impacts
  • all RF-emitting meters
  • please personalize i.e. use your own ‘voice’ and add your story or other info

List of Oral Testifiers in support of H. 2926  ………..  (Click here for video)  Submitted Testimony list is too long to post.

  • Plus Representative Stephen DiNatale, (D) Fitchburg Questions/Comments

*Remainder of videotaped testimony can be found here but sound quality is quite poor.

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