• We were promised  our electric rates would necessarily skyrocket
  • The U.S. Energy Info Admin, ’12 “net benefits of this technology to consumers remain unproven.”
  • Connecticut AG:  “… likely to provide few benefits in return…”
  • Illinois Governor:  “We cannot allow big utilities to take over and run roughshod over families and businesses,” “We’re not going to let the utilities run Illinois.”
    • Your ‘smart’ meter will save you money
    • U.S. municipalities have been unsuccessful stopping ‘smart’ meters; some were successfully begged for an opt-out
    • AMI in Danvers cost $17 million (for 10,000 homes plus businesses).  Worcester’s “Smart Grid” pilot is costing $45 million (for 15,000 homes plus businesses?).

The Massachusetts numbers keep going up.  At first we thought Worcester was a $44 million pilot.  At a recent event a National Grid spokesperson said it was $44 to $48 million.  And this does not account for the ‘early field trial’ where 5,000 ‘smart’ meters ahhem, donated by Itron the manufacturer were installed and tested with a price tag of about a half million dollars to be recouped separately than the 11-129 pilot.

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