The Light Department’s deployment of the smart grid infrastructure reached majority completion in October 2012.

A pilot program using smart grid to control volunteers’ central air conditioning planned for summer 2012 was further delayed due to technical problems with the smart grid thermostats and complications with the installation process on older homes.

Smart Grid – Annual Spending Reports

Smart Grid 2012 Annual Spending Report 

Smart Grid 2011 Annual Spending Report

Smart Grid 2010 Annual Spending Report.

$4.5M bond for implementing Smart Grid was approved at Town Meeting April 2009

Leveraging Investment in Fiber Optic Communications  Written by Michael Kennedy

Though utilities use only a fraction of the broadband capacity they install to support smart grid applications, it is relatively easy to justify investing in that capacity. If utilities were to lease fiber optic capacity to providers of general broadband services, companies in both sectors would benefit, and so would their customers.

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