Braintree Electric and Light (BELD)  deployed 16,000 ‘smart’ meters, advanced metering project  2011 & 2012.  BELD 2011 annual report touts that customers can “view their electric usage history—in 15-minute increments”  but contains no detail on the expenditures related to deployment but no information on what increments BELD actually collects usage is available.

‘Smart’ meter deployment in Danvers cost $17M.

The FCC Authorization Grants for BELD Elster ‘smart’ meter antennae  QZC-RX2EA4 & G8JZGB1 (see highlighted screenshots below) specifically prohibit placing the meters within 20 centimeters (7.87 inches) from human beings.  The same grants also prohibit collocation (mounting on the same structure as other antennae).  FCC RF Exposure report states:   “Warning: statement to the user for keeping at least 20cm or more separation distance with the antenna should be included in users manual.”  To our knowledge, users’ guide were not provided to ratepayers.   Testing documents, manuals, etc. for FCC IDs (see meter) can be found at

Meters and meter banks are mounted, assuming 2×4 construction well within 7.87 inches of human beings, very probably cribs or beds.

Meter banks are all over Braintree.  See below for pictures of banks of 9 & 3.  Engineers at FCC confirmed to that radiation emitted from 9 meters is, as expected 9 times that of one meter.

HaltMAsmartMeters after a rebuffed attempt to speak with the Braintree Town Council on May 1, 2013  emailed an overview  with a series of questions to the council mayor and BELD with no response.

Photos were taken near Braintree Square by HaltMAsmartMeters on April 28, 2013.

BRAINTREE-smartmeter-G8JZGB1-AuthgrantBRAINTREE-smartmeter-QZC-RX2EA4-Authgrantfcc grat authorization id 013braintree-smartmeterbank-3



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