• IEEE Energywise editor:  “not just a matter of freak incidents”
        • Ontario, Canada Fire Marshall  “smouldering fires and/or explosions involving either the electrical smart meter or the meter base”
        • NBC PA:  26 fires, overheatings
        • WND “smart meters turn incendiary”
        • 1 CA Insurance Adjuster :  2 fires: “Smart Meters were … responsible”  “also…appliances and computers have been destroyed.
        • See EMF Safety Network for more
        • See Youtube for more


        • The fires, arcings, surges and overheatings seem to be caused by:
        • Substandard installation
          • Ulicensed, volume incentivized subcontractors
          • Installation regardless of poor condition of the mounting hardware
          • Installation regardless  of exterior wiring configuration not being up to code
          • Stressed wiring (and dirty electricity)
            • The conversion of the electricity coming in from the pole from standard AC to solid-state-compatible DC back to AC by a substandard
              • Switching Mode Power Supply which stresses wiring evidenced by
                • GFI tripping and appliance burn-outs and failure
          • Defective meters


      • It is worth noting that it has been reported that utility blames the fire on the homeowner not properly maintaining the clips (he has no access to) to which meter is affixed.  If the homeowner objects the utility then blames the installation subcontractor who blames the meter manufacturer… ’round and ’round.
      • smartmeterfirecollage

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