Smart meters are building the new slippery slope of in-home surveillance; see three startling published items below.


  • ‘Smart’ meters are so sensitive they can differentiate exactly what we are doing the moment we do it.
  • Who now knows:
  • when you are away for a week,
    • what time you leave for work,
    • when you cook, do laundry,
    • how old your referigerator is 
  • This information is worth Billions.
  • Were you home the night of the accident?
  • Are you using illegal incandescent light bulbs?
  • Who controls who accesses or buys granular data on your home activities?
    • Today?  Tomorrow?
  • Utilities provide usage graphs but collect the data in 36/60 second-ish increments
    • CRS – Congress: Smart Meter Data: Privacy and Cybersecurity
    • Detailed electricity usage data offers a window into the lives of people inside of a home by revealing what individual appliances they are using, and the transmission of the data potentially subjects this information to interception or theft by unauthorized third parties or hackers. Unforeseen consequences under federal law may result from the installation of smart meters and the communications technologies that accompany them.
    • …constitutional provisions in the Fourth Amendment that may apply to the data.
    • … information generated from smart meters, is a new frontier for police
    • … concerns expressed by the courts and Congress about the ability of technology to potentially erode individuals’ privacy.


  Massachusetts CH. 272  CRIMES AGAINST CHASTITY, MORALITY, DECENCY AND              GOOD ORDER  Section 99 Interception of wire and oral communications                   Is there a lawyer in the house?

“Profiling the usage of electrical devices within a smart home can be used as a method for determining an occupant’s activities of daily living.”                                “An electrical device’s load signature plays a key role in nonintrusive load monitoring systems. A load signature is the unique electrical behaviour of an individual device when it is in operation.”  (IEEE-2011)  (Copy of page: HMSM)




“In essence, RRPLS allows companies to monitor your daily life, your habits and your preferences. Alone, in the hands of your local Edison Company this information may seem somewhat innocuous. However, you can rest assured that companies possessing such a wealth of data will find ways to generate monetary wealth in exchange for the information.”  (American University, Wash D.C. 2001)



” …extracting the features of power signatures can lead to accurate load identifications and is a significant feature in smart meters.” (IEEE Source)


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Vision Statement:  IEEE will be essential to the global technical community and to technical professionals everywhere, and be universally recognized for the contributions of technology and of technical professionals in improving global conditions.

 Smart Meter Privacy Concerns, June 2013 C. Donegan Testimony for MA Bill H. 2926

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