‘smart’ meter data reveals…

Visit thetruthaboutsmartgrids.org for details.

From the graph used by the U.S. National Institute of Science and Technology (below) it seems reasonable to assume:

  • 26th: house was empty between 8 & 3 but the security system was NOT set
  • 28th:  house was empty all day and night but the security system was on 
  • 26th: the family got up about 4:45 and went to bed about 10:30
  • The very regular spikes are the the refrigerator cycling 

A great deal of other information could be confirmed looking at a number of days’ worth of data i.e. hair dryer, oven, etc.

HMSM confirmed that the disparity in the baselines was, indeed security measures taken while the family was away from home for a few days.


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