• TERRORISRPGFormer CIA Director:  “a so-called ‘smart’ grid that is as vulnerable as what we’ve got is not smart at all, it’s a really, really stupid grid.”
  • May 2013 Congressional Report:  Markey:  “The last few years have seen the threat of a crippling cyber-attack against the US electric grid increase significantly.”

  • Televent, a huge ‘smart grid’ company was just hacked. 
  • “further research will be necessary to address those security issues”
  • MIT: “the greater the risk of security breaches or cyber attacks.”
  • UK Register:  “Smart meters are essentially crap computers in a crap box,”
  • Sacremento State:  “The Smart Grid has several network layers and every network layer and technology used represents a potential avenue of attack.”
  •  NIST(.gov): “it is important to assume devices will become penetrated”
  • Business Insider:  “one-third of these ARRA/Stimulus ‘smart grid’ projects failed to put in adequate security controls.”
  • Gen. Keith Alexander, National Security Agency and U.S. Cyber Command Chief:  “What I am concerned about…is when these transition from disruptive to destructive attacks,” says Alexander. “And I think those are coming. We have to be ready for that. … The probability for a crisis is mounting.

RISEOFCYBERATTACKSENERGYDOTGOVGRAPH (Report is undated but was published during or after 2009)

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