See which other states are taking action against Smart Meters

Find smart meter websites in your area:

United States

Arizona: Electromagnetic Safety Alliance

EI Wellspring

Sedona Smart Meter Awareness


Burbank Action Burbank

Center for Electrosmog Prevention (CEP) San Diego

Citizens for a Radiation Free Community Los Angeles

Eon3 EMF Blog West Marin

EMF Analysis San Francisco

EMF Safety Network  Sebastopol/ Sonoma County

Freedom Taker  Burbank

No Smart Meters SF San Francisco

OJAI Smart Meter Opt-Out Ojai

The People’s Initiative Foundation Los Angeles

Refuse Smart Meter Sonoma County

Refuse Smart Meters Mendocino  Mendocino

Smart Meter Action Group

Smart Meter Dangers San Diego

Smart Meter Harm (Monterey)

Smart Meter Health Alert Los Angeles

SMUD Smart Meter Awareness Sacramento contact Eric Windheim

Southern Californians Against Smart Meters (SCASM)

Stop OC Smart Meters Orange County

Stop Smart Meters Santa Cruz

Stop Smart Meters Irvine Irvine

Wireless Mess Bay Area

Colorado: Colorado Citizens Smart Meter Awareness (CCSMA)

Florida: Coalition for Health Against Smart Meters

Smart Meter Matrix

Florida Against Smart Meters

Georgia StopsmartmetersGeorgia


Stop Smart Meters Hawaii

Stop KIUC Smart Meters

Illinois: Naperville  Smart Meter Awareness

Iowa: Fairfield Safe Meters

Maine: Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

Smart Meter Safety

Maryland  Maryland Smart Meter Awareness

Massachusettes Halt MA Smart Meters

Stop Smart Meters Massachusetts

Michigan: Smart Meter Education Network

Smart Meters- Stop the Invasion!

Michigan Stop Smart Meters

Stop Smart Meters in Grand Rapids

Nevada: Nevada Constitution Alliance

NVE Stop Smart Meters

True EMF Solutions

New Hampshire: NH Against Smart Meters

New Jersey:  Stop Smart Meters in New Jersey

Stop Wireless Smart Meters

New Mexico: Why Fry? Smart Meters

New York: Stop Smart Meters NY

Oaklahoma: Stop O&G

Tennessee: Stop Smart Meters

Texas: Ban Texas Smart Meters

Lubbock Against Smart Meters

Texans United Against Smart Meters

Vermont Smart Meters Blogspot

Stop Smeters 

Wake up Opt-Out!

Virginia Center for Safer Wireless

Wisconsin: Electrical Pollution Solutions

First Do No Harm

Stop Smart Meters Wisconsin

US:  American Coalition Against Smart Meters

International  Stop Smart Meters NOW

Take Back Your Power- Worldwide directory

Australia: Stop Smart Meters Australia

Canada: Citizens for Safe Technology

Coalition québécoise de lutte contre la pollution électromagnétique (Quebec)

Coalition to Stop Smart Meters (British Columbia)

EMR Heath Alliance of BC

Gulf Islanders for Safe Technology

No to Smart Meters

Take Back Your Power: Canadian Directory


Europeans on Smart meters

Stop Smart Meters UK


Japan VOC-EMF Measures Research Association 

En Espanol

Smart Meter Lawsuits

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