What We Didn’t Learn Memorial Day 2011 About the Wireless World

What We Didn’t Learn on Memorial Day 2011 About the Wireless World


Do you remember that in May of 2011, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer declared radio frequency exposures a Class 2B possible human carcinogen?


Four years later, an International Appeal has been submitted to the United Nations calling for immediate action on the issue of radio frequencies, as corporations plan to beam Wi-Fi from space over large swaths of the earth’s environment. France has taken significant steps to protect young children. Italy has provided worker’s comp for a brain tumor victim who was required to use a cellphone for his work. Australia awarded worker’s comp for a man who was disabled by electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Switzerland’s school are hard-wired. The U.S. has made no such progress. America has been down this road before many times, by prioritizing economic growth at the expense of human health and the environment.


What We Did Not Learn from the Polyester Pantsuit


In the 1970’s, products manufactured from fossil fuels and man-made chemicals exploded into the Western consumer marketplace. As is the case now with wireless consumer devices, no critical thought was given to the potential drawbacks or early warnings. The emphasis was on unfettered economic growth.


The clothing and textiles industry is one example of a growth curve that fueled the economy in the 1970’s. Instead of being limited to cotton, wool and natural fibers, orlon, acrylics, polyesters, and other man-made fabrics were created that offered durability, color, sheen, and strength.


However, there were drawbacks when the products were mass marketed. If we had understood the implications of the factors involved, and provided ethical stewardship of human health and the environment back then, we would be living in a very different world now.


Stewing in Our Own Juices


What did we overlook? For a portion of consumers, the artificial fabrics interfered with the skin’s ability to detoxify through the invisible human energy field that surrounds the physical body. Some individuals reeked of body odor when their clothing couldn’t “breathe.” They stewed in their own emanations.


We, as a mass culture, still do not possess the willingness to recognize the human energy field that surrounds the body. Like the earth’s ozone layer, the energy field is an essential component of human health, and the first layer of defense for the immune system.


Had we possessed the wisdom to recognize the subtle energy body, we could have also applied that knowledge to the question to whether or not wireless technologies are safe for human and environmental health now. We do not realize that we are assaulting the energetic system in one another as well as all of nature. as we shred, collapse, and tear our protective energy fields.  We did not have the wisdom and insight in the 1970’s to recognize the energy body, and we don’t now.


Industries Based on Patents and Profits, Not Prevention


When faced with the problem of unwelcomed body odor due to artificial fabrics in the 1970’s, the chemical industry produced antiperspirants, deodorants, feminine hygiene sprays, perfumes, and other products that will some day be widely recognized as an impediment to the body’s natural healthy cycles of cleansing and detoxification.



The damaging impact of products like plastic beads in exfoliants remains below the radar for many consumers who assume that if a product is in the marketplace, it is safe for health and the environment. A marginalized portion of U.S. residents are now so challenged by the bombardment of artificial perfumes and scents that they have become prisoners in their own homes.


More Chemicals are Not the Answer


In addition to causing some individuals to experience pronounced body odor, there was another problem with the man-made fabrics of the 1970’s; they did not launder well. This launched both the dry cleaning industry and the need for stronger laundry soap to address both the body odor and the stains from deodorants, aftershave, etc. 


But there was yet again another issue…. some of the fabrics were either highly flammable, or melted when ignited, causing severe injury. Again, instead of questioning the paradigm, the fireproofing and flame retardant industries were launched, which have also subsequently been increasingly linked to chronic health issues.


In the 1960’s, a generation of children were subjected to a potent cocktail of household chemicals, cigarette smoke, residential electrification, industrialized food, and television.  Chronic infections and ear, nose and throat illnesses resulted in very young children having their tonsils removed, alongside the development of antibiotics and prescription drugs, with no thought given to addressing the underlying contributors to poor health.


The fire is now being flamed in the nervous systems, blood brain barrier, and cellular biology of those who are being induced by the same microwave radiation used to cook food.


(And, despite industry denial, some wireless devices have ignited, including wireless smart utility meters, resulting in property damage and death.)


Chronic Illness Does Not Bring Good Things to Life


Now, we are riding another wave of unexamined economic expansion through the commoditization of the electromagnetic spectrum and the use of wireless technologies, with a corresponding increase in chronic illness.


But the stakes are much higher, because the infrastructure required to support personal wireless devices is dominating an expanding portion of the natural habitat. Exposure to microwave radio frequencies is not an individual consumer choice or a choice for other sentient beings whose habitats are being infiltrated.


Like those scientists who stood before Congress and claimed that cigarettes do not cause cancer, some of the same scientists and the same product defense firms are claiming that the thousands of studies showing biological impacts caused by radiofrequency exposures do not exist.


Insight, Foresight, Hindsight, or No Sight at All for the Not-smart Grid 


Massachusetts communities passing budgets to install industrial-scale Wi-Fi in schools assume that the technology is safe and is required to give students a competitive advantage. Wireless technology is not safe or required for education, and hard-wiring is the safer option. New parents are substituting wireless baby monitors for presence, their own inborn senses, and an awareness of the rhythms of their child’s needs. Americans are not aware that the DECT technology for cordless phones and baby monitors in use in the U.S. was banned in many European nations due to adverse health impacts, in favor of voice-activated technology that does not irradiate the parents and infant.


Groups like the Environmental Defense Fund, Sierra Club, and Natural Resources Defense Council and many colleges and universities have convinced uninformed environmentalists that wireless utility meters are a sustainability initiative and that they are safe. They are not.  Utilities, regulators, and legislators are clamoring to use climate change and the EPA Clean Air Act to convince Americans that placing wireless sensors and transmitting devices through-out the electric grid, including inside every appliance in the home, is a legitimate strategy for addressing the adverse impacts of the fossil fuel model. It isn’t. It’s a cover story for a massive surveillance system, and an over-engineered, exorbitantly expensive, unsafe, unsecure, unsustainable paradigm designed to prop up a dying centralized utility model that mirrors a centralized model of societal and political controls sourced in greed.


Air pollution is being blamed for many chronic health conditions, while no research is being funded to study radio frequencies. In a play directly out of the Tobacco Research Institute handbook, the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative propaganda mill casts doubt on legitimate science. The MA Department of Public Utilities is a member on the SGCC, which has no consumers.


Parents unwittingly enveloping the ecosystem with frequencies designed for the purpose of warfare have replaced the Native Americans who enveloped their families in blankets laden with smallpox germs. The cultivation of alcohol addiction has been supplanted by cultivated greed for faster, more powerful wireless devices and the mistaken belief that the “freedom to connect” from anywhere at any time is a human right.


What Should We Remember on Memorial Day? 


For those soldiers whose lives we honor this Memorial Day, we pray to “Bury the dead, heal the wounded, stop the war.” 


And we confront the ugly truth that the wireless industry was sourced from the military for the purpose of war. The exposure guidelines in the U.S. favor weapons, surveillance, and radar applications, not sustainability or health.


Connectivity is a contrived freedom that is waging an unseen war on the planet itself.

The frequencies in use in the U.S. have never, ever, been proven safe for pregnant women, infants, children, medically vulnerable individuals, family pets, pollinators, or in any form of ecological stewardship.


As the expectation for ubiquitous connectivity expands, growing numbers of individuals are becoming disabled as the result of exposures to artificial frequencies. The majority of victims are women who are marginalized as psychiatric patients by the dominant medical paradigm.


It is the birthright of every human to be connected at all times to the constellation of natural life-sustaining frequencies emanating from the sun, filtered as designed by nature through the earth’s ozone layer and the human aura.


The families, communities, and nations that will thrive are not the ones speeding toward the illusory promise of a “Smart City” spun by a wireless industry whose mercenary regulators and scientists belong before an international criminal court for crimes against nature and crimes against humanity.  Its time to step away from the false promise of a smart grid, smart school, smart home, and smart community and to embrace the wisdom of sustainability grounded in true reverence for the earth’s ecology.


The wireless paradigm driving the internet of Things (IoT) is based on a lie. Author Pamela Meyer states, “A lie is a cooperative act. A lie has no power whatsoever by its mere utterance. Its power emerges when someone else chooses to believe the lie.”


Eisenhower warned, “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist.”


The wireless mess is wounding this world beyond measure. Its time to turn the herd.


Patricia Burke


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