Wireless’ Rude, Rude Awakenings

Wireless’ Rude, Rude Awakenings PART 1 of 3



I went to bed early last night, by 8pm, as I usually do, because I know that sometime around midnight, I will be awoken by ‘’the frequency.”


I don’t know what this particular frequency is being used for, or by whom. I don’t know if it is sourced from the power grid, or a nearby antenna, or a satellite, or some combination. But when I am asleep and it comes on, my physiology sounds the alarm. I awaken suddenly from a “dead” sleep, with a startle response including a rapid heart beat, acute unnatural thirst from the brain, heat, and what someone with less familiarity might describe as “anxiety.” It would be easy to become very anxious under the circumstances. But this is not an emotional trigger, even if it feels like it.


My skin reacts. I hear the high-pitched invasive hum that does not allow me to return to a resting state, and, I also feel it. Sometimes there is more than one tone coming from more than one direction.


Some nights, a long line down the outside edge of my left leg will be burn. I know this pathway is the Gall Bladder meridian of Oriental Medicine.


Some nights, I wake up as my chest tightens. I know that my Pericardium meridian is attempting to protect me, and that my body is doing the best that it can, but my heart is racing uncontrollably in the vice-grip contraction.


Some mornings, I have a different problem with a different frequency. I am awoken at about 5:30 am because my brain feels as if it is being remotely controlled and simultaneously shocked by an electric current.


A tiny point on my left ear will feel as if a hot needle is being inserted, and the sensation of tightness and heat will extend into the side of my head. My ear is burning red hot.


These are among the worse mornings. I will wake up with a one-sided headache, but this is not really anything like a headache, it is like an internal burn injury. I will have brain fog, and exhaustion. My digestion will be impaired. I will feel like the walking dead.


For days after the hot needle sensation, I will be even more highly sensitive to power lines, radio frequency transmitters, cellphones, antennas, Wi-Fi etc. than usual.


I become sensitive to smells, sound, and light. I am not chemically sensitive as a rule, but for a few days, I experience what that particular brand of torture feels like. I can smell everyone’s laundry detergent and fabric softener and deodorant and shampoo, and stores with scented candles make me reel.


I know this point on the ear that burns to be a place that detects external heat in Chinese Medicine.


I remember a friend telling me that her 4 year-old grandson is medicated for oppositional defiance disorder. His doctor, however, could never explain why the child’s ears are bright red.


I wonder what that 4-year old child’s blood sugar levels are, and how long it will be before his symptoms progress, either from the environmental stressor or side effects from the lifelong medications.


I wonder what his life would be like if he lived in a society that examined its intoxication with wireless devices. I wonder where we might be if we had listened to the first people who were injured by wireless utility meters, or smartphones, or school Wi-Fi.


I know that we do not realize, yet, as a society, that the ears are important sensory organs, similar to antennas. The ancient Chinese healers realized that points on the ear communicate with every meridian and organ system in the body.


The Federal Communications Commission, which has no health expertise, uses a plastic head filled with the equivalent of Jell-O to theoretically “measure” the theoretical impact of radio frequency devices on theoretical “appendages.” Scientists and engineers have designed these facilities to test cellphones based on this paradigm, based entirely on theory and economic agendas. We are still measuring these devices against theoretical guidelines, instead of adopting the integrity to measure the devices and the reactions of those reporting harm, in real time, in real circumstances.


When I wake up with the burning ear, my brain will feel un-insulated for days, because it is. When I wake up with the burning ear, I will see my chiropractor as soon as I can, and he will restore the natural movement in the bones in my skull that locked down in an attempt to protect me from harm from “the frequency. “


When those bones are locked down, everything else falls apart.


When I see the chiropractor and he restores the movement to the bones in my skull, the flow of cerebral spinal fluid that flows up and over the back of skull will be restored. When this occurs, my brain will no longed be under pressure. The restoration of free movement of the fluid will then begin to cool and insulate my brain again, as nature intended, with the beat of my respiration. Without that circulation of the cerebral spinal fluid, my brain is overheated, compressed, and un-insulated.


But recovery is not complete, because the fluid itself has seemingly been compromised. Is it because of the salt content, or some other factor? My nerves are still jagged. When the cranial bones clamp down, the back of the skull manifests its own traffic jam, and the postural bones of the neck and spine also shift into misalignment. I can go to bed relatively aligned, and awaken with the equivalent damage of a major car accident, even though I am simply trying to sleep in my own bed.


This is assault.


What is it like for a child trying to learn in school in the same circumstances of the head in a vice grip? Or, an infant crying in a crib?


Were I born today, I would most likely be autistic. Without a course correction, I will most likely develop a major degenerative neurological condition at an early age. What I want is simply to be able to sleep.


I count among my blessings having access to several health practitioners who recognize the damage being caused by radio frequency exposures. The acupuncturist, the nutritionist, the chiropractor help me to keep my head above water.


The last time I saw a Western Dr. he told me to see a psychiatrist, eat more fiber, and to think about moving to Montana.


One day when I was in his office, I heard “the frequency” come on, and the patient in the next room has such a severe asthma attack that he had to be nebulized. The doctor probably has a cellphone in his pocket. He can’t perceive what I can sense, or hear what I can hear. He has no willingness to consider that microwaves might be activating a large number of symptoms in a large number of patients, because he couldn’t find anything about it on the Ipad he carries with him.


A person is suffering. And someone, a utility regulator, a senator, a governor, a doctor – looks at a computer and states that it is not happening.


That four -year old child who is mediated for oppositional defiance disorder is one of the reasons why I continue to swim against the tide of the dominant culture’s love affair with all things wireless.


In another time and place, that child, like me, might be a dowser, or a skilled energy healer. His heightened sensitivity would be valued and protected. It might be translated into a profession. I send a silent prayer to him through the ethers. We are trying, so many of us, to reorient society away from the militarized paradigm that has caused so much damage to this child.


I imagine a young Native American girl peering down at her village and realizing that the blankets contaminated with smallpox are causing disease. She runs through the woods to a neighboring tribe and warns them of the danger. In a culture steeped in the laws of nature with a deep respect for women and children, they believe her.

Wireless’ Rude, Rude Awakenings PART 2 of 3


It is, in part, a spiritual practice to neutralize the impact of this pain and suffering as much as possible, to disconnect from any emotional reaction of hopelessness, fear, anger, irritation, or rage that would further stress various organs. I use breath work and “witnessed consciousness” and meditation from my yoga training to attempt to regain sovereignty over my own physiology. But in the face of this artificial man-made energy, nearly every night, around midnight, I am not able to regain balance. I will be awake for hours, and, this deficit of sleep will shorten my life.


A strategy that I use when I am awoken is to imagine how the most exalted individuals in history have carried themselves in the face of profound suffering and profoundly dangerous times. And, I express gratitude to all of those individuals swimming against the tide, who are attempting to get the boat back on course, to realign human endeavor with natural and spiritual law, and to awaken the mass culture that is in the thrall of (and increasingly addicted to) wireless technology. Gratitude helps harmonize the mind-body-spirit. Pain is an unrelenting teacher.


Many evenings, a few minutes after I am jolted awake in the middle of the night, my frame drum pops. The inanimate deerskin’s confirmation that something is amiss offers quiet consolation. The drum is amazingly still alive in some way, and remains connected to the balance of natural law. I’ve spoken to utility regulators, legislators, physicians, reporters, energy experts, and conservationists about the damage being inflicted on humans and the environment by radio frequencies, and they are less cognizant and less responsive than the frame drum. Nature’s intelligence and integrity is beyond measure. It is a force that human indifference and de-evolution cannot overpower. But to access it, we must listen.


As Jennifer Brea stated in her Ted Talk What happens when you have a disease doctors can’t diagnose, “How many lives could we have saved, decades ago, if we had only asked the right questions?” I wonder how many sudden heart attacks, sudden infant deaths, gall bladder attacks, asthma attacks, alterations on blood sugar, and other acute reactions have occurred in the middle of the night, due in part to these frequencies. Or how many have died 6 or 12 hours later in accordance with the Chinese body clock. I remember a teacher fluent in Chinese Medicine telling me that most heart attacks happen at 10 am on Monday because the Spleen (9-11 am) cannot sufficiently nurture the Heart.


I know that there will come a tipping point when, like Russia, there will be individuals in the United States who will realize that an independent EMF hygiene investigation must be conducted when tissue is being activated and when individuals are reporting the kind of assault that so many are experiencing. I know that there will be a realization that we need to measure the frequency and the biological reaction in the same place at the same time.


The National Toxicology Program has set it sights on the idea of growing small chips to replicate specific tissue to test new drugs and chemicals. I am alarmed. We do not need large-scale long-term animal studies to delay action for decades, but we will learn nothing about the true action of drugs and chemicals on humans if we use tissue chips.


There is already enough evidence. Work has to be done, carefully, by non-industry, independent investigators, and not by lucratively paid industry scientists. Discomfort grows as more time passes and state and federal governments continue to cast a blind eye to the inadequacy of exposure limits and the industry’s reliance on corrupt scientists.


Unfortunately, we are living in a time when the introduction of microwave radiation proceeds covertly, without informed consent, and with contempt towards those complaining of damage to human health and the environment. Rather than recognizing the significance of a feedback loop from the more sensitized individuals, the strategy is to portray them as having imaginary “nocebo” reactions.


This is an unseen form of marginalization and discrimination.


History will record it as genocide.


Wireless’ Rude, Rude Awakenings PART 3 of 3


Those promoting the roll-out of the 5G network and its required densification of antennas would like us to believe that it does not matter that these new millimeter frequencies penetrate the skin.


The Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic teachers knew differently the importance of the marma points and energy pathways in the body that surface at the skin.


In his 1996 lecture which became the book “Bees,” Rudolf Steiner explained the German term “Ausdunstung.” “It is the person’s exhalations, vapors, perspiration, and so forth that influences flowers.” “ Bees become accustomed to being in someone’s presence.” “Bees feel a person’s effluvia, exhalations, vapors, or perspiration. They know what makes up a specific human being and become accustomed to this individual. “


Our energetic immune system does not begin at the skin. If artificial microwave radio frequencies alter the behavior of the electromagnetic field surrounding humans and other living things, it would explain the increasing rates of everything from dry eye to infertility.


We are designed to alchemize with the creative active intelligence of the universal energy field. Our ancestors endeavored to understand deeply the dance of the cosmos. The beekeepers of old understood, as Rudolf Steiner lectures, the significance of May 3 for the bees. Chinese farmers recognized the significance of when the new moon falls relative to the winter solstice and to February 4th. The date that we celebrate New Year’s has no significance in nature, nor do the blue moons that we mark, because the monthly calendar we use is irrelevant. The delineation of months sources back to political favoritism. The yogic sages recognized the relationship between our biochemistry and the sun simply through their capacity for pure observation. The yogis developed practices to make themselves more skillful and efficient conduits of the sun’s energy.


The yogis who traveled to America could not tell us what that inherent in their practices is the capacity to perceive, diagnose, and treat imbalances before they manifest as illness and disease. The domination of the Western medical profession forced them to simply offer the physical teachings without explanation, to avoid imprisonment for practicing medicine without a license.


They had to rely on our ability to bring the practices back into their rightful context, as an alchemical tool. We are conduits of the energy of this sun. A Westerner with a cellphone on the yoga mat hasn’t found the way home yet.


The privilege and freedom that we have to access these Eastern practices is a sacred treasure, but remains out of focus. When we use our apps and cellphones and artificial intelligence and machine-to-machine learning instead of cultivating the relationship that we have with the cosmos, we are moving further and further into man-made systems of control, similar to the loss of relationship with the energetics of Time.


Jennifer Brea stated, “The ignorance surrounding my disease is a choice, a choice made by the institutions that are supposed to protect us.”


It’s also a consumer choice.





It’s also a choice made every day in every home and business using wireless technology when it is not necessary, without requiring safety testing, without addressing evidence of harm to human health and the environment.


We’ve replaced the historical damage from the chemical industry and fossil fuels with damage and unconscious consumption sourced from the wireless industry. When we are sitting in an office or home, we do not need a wireless ecosystem that spreads to neighboring homes and businesses, blanketing the ecosystem with microwaves. We are cultivating a societal greed, we need to cultivate an alchemical consciousness.


Among the most tragic of scenarios is that of educators who have been gas-lighted. Even worse are those promoting ubiquitous 24/7/365 wireless as a sustainability initiative. When we put a wireless sensor on infrastructure like a bridge or gas pipeline instead of repairing it, sustainability is on a path to nowhere.


We don’t need more data or faster data. We need more heart.


We can stop harming our children, ourselves, and one another.


We need to test and monitor this technology, in favor of safer alternatives, now.  We can protect the more vulnerable among us, rather than treating them as collateral damage.


It’s a choice.





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