Wonder Woman and the Clean Energy Wars

Wonder Woman and the Clean Energy Wars

The only true sustainability is deep collaboration with nature and our climate.

Patty’s Jenkins’ blockbuster film “Wonder Woman” takes place during World War I.

Partway through the film, Steve, Chief, Charlie, Sumeer, and Wonder Woman fight their way through No Man’s Land and liberate the village of Veld from the Germans. The band of heroes is showered with outpourings of gratitude from the townspeople.

SPOILER ALERT: However, the victory is short-lived when the Germans later bomb the village with mustard gas, killing every man, woman, and child, and breaking the heart of Wonder Woman (Princess Diana).

Central to the plot of the film is the unfoldment of Diana’s understanding of the nature of evil, her drive to battle the source of all suffering, the question of whether humanity is inherently corrupt, and the power of love.

As clean energy advocates in Massachusetts and beyond targeting fossil fuels celebrate the withdrawal of the Access Northeast gas pipeline project FERC application, support for “energy efficiency” – (the installation of wireless utility meters and infrastructure and new time of use billing plans) – continues to gather steam. Claims that cleaner air will lower the health burden, for example with childhood asthma, abound.

In the meantime, the link between radio frequency exposures and microwave illness is not only ignored, but also prohibited from consideration as a factor in the siting of wireless infrastructure, in a holdover from the immoral Telecom Act of 1996.

Like mustard gas, airborne electrical poisoning and microwave technology is a product of war, sourced in weaponry and radar, in the domain of Aries.

And those experiencing illness due to microwave frequencies in the airwaves and high frequencies on the power lines are incredulously having to wage battle with those in the trenches of the clean green energy movement fighting fossil fuels.

If the industry strategy is to temporarily withdraw the application for gas infrastructure, thereby reducing resistance to install the wireless surveillance grid, then returning to the pipeline assault, we are all back in Veld.

Until the clean energy movement

  • Initiates a deeper discernment of all things “green,” from CFL’s to high intensity LED’s to dirty electricity from all electronics (including solar invertors, wind turbines, electric vehicles, variable speed motors and smart meters)
  • Stops partnering with the same corporations now justifying wireless infrastructure who lied about fossil fuel pollution for decades
  • Heeds the complaints of the canaries – those already perceiving damage

……Aries’ reign will continue, as Cassandra’s warnings fall on deaf ears.

The body count is rising.  

Decentralize the grid.

Any infrastructure investment justified to address the adverse impacts of fossil fuels must be independently evaluated for health and environmental impacts.

From the UK Institute of Directors:

IoD calls for Smart Meters scheme to be ‘halted, altered or scrapped’ to avoid ‘unjustified, over-engineered and expensive mistake’” 

“Consumers do not want the meters, they have proved a costly mistake in countries where they have been rolled out, and the Government is withholding key details about their costs and benefits. This makes for a programme which is devoid of credibility, over-engineered and mind-blowingly expensive. Perhaps the only reason why the cost and ambition of this project has not become a national scandal already is because of a conspiracy of silence among politicians in thrall to big ideas and even bigger budgets.”

“The professed aims of the Smart Meter programme are laudable, and we all recognise the benefits of reducing consumption and increasing energy awareness. But there is little credible evidence to suggest that a scheme of this size and complexity will achieve those goals.”

The Iod press release, entitled Smart Meters: a government IT disaster waiting to happen, is here:


 The full 21 page IoD report, Not too clever: will Smart Meters be the next Government IT disaster?, is linked in the press release.


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