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The Tatnuck tower (will supposedly be decided upon by the Worcester Zoning Board on May 5th, 5:30 pm. It is not one of not 4 or 9 but one of 14 base stations/towers (see below)  the DPU & National Grid want to utilize or build ‘smart’ pilot.  4 towers required zoning variances; 3* were approved in May 2013 using the Telecommunications Act of 1996.  The last, the keystone tower, either Tory Fort Lane or the Tatnuck CVS Plaza will be heard on June 16th (hopefully).  



For the January 13th.agenda click here (minutes here; scroll to bottom). For Articles: WorcesterMag & Worcester Telegram & GoLocalWorcester & Telegram Editorial Cartoon.

See 12/2 Zoning Board applications:  Tory Fort Lane Tower Here & 597 Mill St./CVS-Rockys/Tatnuck Grille Tower Here. (T&G article)

See the Supplemental packet for the CVS/597 Mill Street tower, dated January 8th that was not received, per protocol by the ZBA via email prior to the hearing.  It was submitted on paper only moments before the hearing.

Note: National Grid and Worcester ZBA are invoking the Telecommunications Act of arch-keystonep-SAND1996, a law SPECIFICALLY designed to promote competition among cellular phone providers – NOT private data networks – this verrry shaky precedent setting ground as it seems to be a test case for abject abuse of TCA96.  This MUST be stopped before the Tatnuck tower(s) are approved and erected. Tatnuck is the keystone and without the keystone the arch falls.


*Vernon Hill (10 Gloucester Road and 245 Vernon St.), Greendale (4 Naples Road) and the Bloomingdale station off Wigwam Avenue. 

*The 10/21/13 Tatnuck Tower Zoning Board hearing  was postponed ’til 12/2/13. National Grid is hoping for ZBA approval for an alternate site at Tatnuck Plaza (Rocky’s Hardware/CVS/Tatnuck Grille) at Chandler & Mill Streets but if the alternate plan is not approved the 90′ tower plan will revert back to Tory Fort Lane – both will probably be on the the 12/2 ZBA agenda and the ‘table.’  National Grid has doubled down and is hedging their bets; the stakes are high.

It is vital that as many people as possible attend  on 12/2 and demand that the people of Worcester are accommodated, not the agenda behind the private, 90-foot, 5-antennae so-called ‘smart’ tower:  an abomination on Tory Fort Lane,  just 70′ from Tim’s house and a travesty at Chandler & Mill.  

Who do YOU BELIEVE?  The Telegram, Globe and National Grid or the Maine Supreme Court?  Telegram, October, 2013 “National Grid officials have said the communications technology it will use for the smart grid has been proven safe worldwide.”   Maine Press Herald August 2013 “The Maine Supreme Judicial Court ruled last year that the Public Utilities Commission hadn’t adequately addressed safety concerns about CMP’s smart meters, prompting a reopening of an investigation focused primarily on the health risks…. ‘‘If you believe that this is unsafe technology and that you need to respond to it … then it calls into question an enormous amount of our modern technology,’’ (Maine utility spokesman) said.” Boston Globe, June, 2013 “National Grid said the new meters are proven safe and secure.”


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For Comprehensive Overview of Worcester Pilot, see FLIER                     Worcester Pilot MAP (though we know ‘smart’ meters are installed outside approved areas)


Printable comprehensive Worcester pilot overview flier 


(Same) flier with source citations.

 Atty. General Coakley STRONGLY urged that the Worcester ‘smart’ Pilot be scrapped (Feb. 2102): because:

  • customers will be charged 12.6 TIMES the base rate on hottest days (critical peak)
  • $2,973 per meter
  • structured to intentionally NOT inform customers of pilot cost i.e. ratepayer billions   if  ‘smart’ meters are deployed state-wide base on pilot results
  • National Grid claims repeatedly it relied on customer input (below) for this proposal but there was no real consultation with consumers on the design, cost, or tariffs 
  • no similar pilots have documented valid usage reduction i.e. the pilot is testing an already proven failed hypotheses at great ratepayer expense
  • no other State has adopted a structure similar to the National Grid Worcester pilot
  • no date on what ‘smart’ meters would/will cost if/when it is implemented state-wide
  • if it goes state-wide it will be one of the most expensive deployments in the U.S.
  • it started before approvals were given

To learn more from Mass.gov:  DPU Worcester Pilot Docket 11-129 or Coalkey Letter

THE TATNUCK TOWER is a 90 foot permanent experimental abomination already tacitly approved by the Mayor & City Council.  The Zoning Board will rubber stamp the plan without Worcester citizens uniting in dissent.

cellmicrowavewimaxlatticeantennaetowerMany, many more post-pilot towers are planned for Worcester, along with many hundreds more (in addition to the 163 for the pilot) WiMax and and other ‘microwave’ antennae.  These towers and antennae are NOT for cell phones; they will transmit electrical usage data to and instructions from National Grid and 3rd parties.   The next ninety-footer could be 70 feet from your front door.

METERS NOW:   Worcester residents HMSM spoke to thought their old fashioned-looking meter was benign…. a truck drove down the street once a month and ‘took a reading.’   In fact these AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) transmit continually .  

National Grid maintains that they are ‘drive-by’ but HMSM discovered NGrid utilizes worcester-amrSK9C1A-2-the ‘smart’ type infrastructure for homes NOT in the pilot i.e. transmitting not to a truck but all day every day from meter to meter and so on.  One lucky homeowner who does not move frequently and pays their bills on time is the ‘endpoint’ or the collector/repeater.  The endpoint meter collects and transmits data  from up to 5,000 homes and is the gateway to the cell-type (WAN) network.  (In a ‘smart’ mesh, the collector/repeater also transmits instructions from NGrid & 3rd parties back to the 5,000 homes, as well.)  A National Grid spokesman told Tatnuck  neighbors (June 10) that ‘smart’ meters will transmit twice the microwaves as the AMR meters currently in place.

PILOT PARTICIPANT?  If you are ‘in’ the ‘smart’ pilot and either saved the literature NGrid and others sent to you and/or would like to give us your perspective, pro or con please contact HMSM at HaltMAsmartMeters@gmail.com.  

GREEN2GROWTH SUMMIT:  Sept. 19 & 20, 2012 at the DCU Center. If you attended please contact HMSM at HaltMAsmartMeters@gmail.com.  HMSM has green2growthLOGOspoken to one attendee who was not representing or promoting a corporate or political agenda; we would like to get the perspectives from more.    “The customer voices heard at the Green2Growth Summit helped National Grid develop a highly customer-centric approach to the smart grid.” (click)

Who has been tasked with ‘governing ideas’ of Worcester residents?

 Clark University on Smart Grid:  “social, cultural, and political dimensions”

‘ Smart’ Meter Myths

‘Smart’ meters are Green:

‘Smart’ meters will save customers money:

‘Smart’ meters integrate residential solar into the grid:

‘Smart’ meters are safe:

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