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STATEMENT_Councilor_Konnie_Lukes  “I do agree with you that the smart meter program is not in the public’s best interest.”

STATEMENT_Fitchburg_Rep_Steve_DiNatale “Please in the future feel free to use my name as a supporter of the cause. Thanks Steve”

STATEMENT_Mauro_DePasQuale_WCCA_GM “I opposed these and the installation of the towers to support them.  … been thoroughly tested…”

STATEMENT_Gary_Rosen_City_Council_Candidate “…the risks associated with Smart Meters and their accompanying towers,”

STATEMENT_Moe_Bergman_Council_Candidate “I … have yet to hear any evidence they (smart meters) are in the best interest of the ratepayers.”

STATEMENT_Lance_Mckee_ Worcester_Clean_ Energy_Campaign_Founder “I’m … concerned about the WiMAX smart meter communication system National Grid is implementing in Worcester.”


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