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On Wed, Oct 16, 2013 at 9:42 AM, Lance McKee  wrote:
Last night I sent this note to Commissioner Hirsch …  Lance
Commissioner Hirsh,

I’m a Worcester Citizen concerned about the WiMAX smart meter communication system National Grid is implementing in Worcester.

Among the recommendations made in a report ( issued today by the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health, ANSES, was this:

“– that the development of new mobile phone network infrastructures be subject to prior studies concerning the characterisation of exposures….”

Depending on a person’s distance from towers and smart meters, Smart Grid WiMAX signals can be stronger or weaker than signals from cell towers and phones.

There’s much more in the report about both epidemiological studies and bioelectromagnetic studies, but this recommendation is, in my opinion, sufficient for Worcester. We should not rely solely on National Grid’s assertions about the safety of wireless networks. There should be a thorough review and mapping of anticipated exposures from the technology and also a review of the relevant scientific studies, especially recent studies, by qualified researchers without financial conflicts of interest. The City government’s first responsibility is for the safety and health of Worcester citizens. Such due diligence can only benefit Worcester’s reputation in the long run.

I’m professionally involved in a national and global Smart Grid technical standards effort, and I’m personally very much in favor of the Smart Grid. However, the Smart Grid doesn’t need WiMAX. It can be implemented using broadband over existing wire networks or electric power lines.

I learned about the French report this evening via a post to a listserv that I’ve been following for the last several weeks to learn more about this issue. Some of the posts are strident, but most are posts by researchers who are sharing news, critiqueing each other’s work, discussing experimental strategies, etc. You can subscribe to this list at

Thank you for your consideration of this important issue.

I’ve cc’d Bill Eddy, my district City Councillor.

Lance McKee


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