Councilor Gary Rosen (District 5) Addresses 1/21/14 City Council


Please come to the Worcester Public Service Committee meeting dealing exclusively ‘smart’ meters, ‘smart’ meter data towers and other ‘smart’ issues:

Wednesday, April 23, 2014, at Worcester City Hall, 3rd Floor at 5:30. 

The City Manager and National Grid submitted information you can access with difficulty via the meeting agenda but because accessing them is so difficult, HMSM uploaded the same documents for your convenience.  See below for links to agenda attachments:

1a. ~  impact of Smart Grid meters and towers to property values.  0425-1a-propertyvalues-7pages-attachment

1b. ~ National Grid’s responses to various requests (MAIN DOC) 042521b-whatcancurrentsystemdo-1pages-first_attachment + 0425-1b-various-75pages-attachment

1c. ~  update of the Smart Grid Program (HEALTH).   0425-1c-update-75pages-attachment

1d. ~  National Grid – Smart Energy Solutions Program (Smart Grid) – Guide to Safety and Security.~ In Committee August 21, 2013 – Held ~ Attachments = 0425-1d-safety&security-5pages-attachment

1e. ~ correspondence received from National Grid notifying City Council of an upcoming vegetation management activities, specifically selective side pruning and/or danger tree removal along an electric transmission right-of-way. ~ In Committee August 21, 2013 – Held ~ Attachments = 0425-1e-vegetation-trees-3pages-attachment

1f. ~ Transmitting informational communication relative to the Smart Grid Deployment update. ~ # 9.4D CM March 12, 2013 ~ In Committee August 21, 2013 – Held ~ Attachments  = 0425-1f-update-14pages-second_attachment0425-1f-update-3pages-first_attachment

1g. ~  the City’s Smart Grid Program.  ~ In Committee August 21, 2013 – Held ~ Attachments =  0425-1g-non-specific-14pages-attachment

1h. ~  the City’s Smart Grid Pilot.  ~ In Committee August 21, 2013 – Held ~ Attachments = 0425-1h-nonspecific-51pages-attachment

2a. ~ Petition of John Dick et al request to speak before City Council in opposition to the National Grid Smart Energy Solutions Pilot Program.




The Council may seriously err and accept the Worcester Health Department’s non-opinion submittal in response to Councilor Lukes April 2013 “request (that) the Commissioner of Public Health provide an opinion as to the potential health hazards regarding the Smart Grid Pilot Program.”

HaltMAsmartMeters contacted David Carpenter, an author of the Bioinitiave report for his response to Dr. Hirsh’s submittal.  Dr. Carpenter’s said at 12:46 p.m. on 2/4 via email to HMSM:

“The statement about the Bioinitiative Report is totally false. None of the evidence for elevated rates of cancer coming from exposure to radiofrequency radiation are from occupational studies. Most are from long-term use of cell phones.

Finally it is interesting that the local health expert is Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering John Orr. I trust it is Prof. Orr that local residents will go to for treatment of the cancers they develop from exposure to the radiofrequency radiation coming from smart meters.”

As Dr. Hirsh has a) relied on the opinion of John Orr, an electrical Engineer with monetary ties to National grid for his health-related opinion, b) misinterpreted the Bioinitiative Report and other sources, and c) not fulfilled the Order, HaltMAsmartMeters and WorcesterOpts out are calling for the Council to:

1) Reject this submittal which  does not comply with the April Order, and

2) Call on the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to issue a true opinion, and

3) Create a ‘smart’ meter/infrastructure Citizens Advisory Committee 

Join us in solidarity at Worcester City Hall, 455 Main Street, 3rd floor at 7 pm for the February 4, 2014 City Council hearing.  Numbers speak volumes and two minute statements (HMSM has assembled a number of documents you can submit along with your 2 second or two minute comment) will be heard near the start of the meeting.  There will be no need to spend hours at the hearing, your mere presence or a statement at the beginning will work wonders.

See you there! 



1/21/14 City Council Listens (and hopefully learns)

9 planned and 2 spontaneous speakers spoke on and submitted topics beyond the spin of National Grid, the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities and the telecommunications industry.  Members of the Council debated ‘smart’ meters and their infrastructure.   (HMSM video or City video)  (T&G article & WorcesterMag Blog)  


7e.  John Dick et al request to speak before City Council in opposition to the National Grid Smart Energy Solutions Pilot Program.   Petitioners heard – Referred to Public Service and Transportation Committee 

Attachments on Worcester web site  (See below for PDF’s).

  1. Council_National_Grid_OrderLanguishing since April & September 2013
  2. HMSM_Comprehensive_Booklet (Advanced/’smart’ metering in Massachusetts
  3. EHS_MCCARTY_INFO_165-Int’l Neuroscence Journal 2011 Article
  4. Links supporting Clare Donegan’s presentaiton
  5. Magda-Havas Provocaation-heart-article
  6. Overloading-of-Town-and-Cities-and-Radio-Transmiters: Germany
  7. Wi-Max-(Same/similar to Worcester Network) Australia_article
  8. NGrid Customer Education-Engagement $1.8M Budget (pages 27-29)
  9. Integrative_Health_Forum_on_Medical_Education_Including_Wireless_Exposure
  10. Supplemental-Information-for-the-Vermont-Senate-Finance-Committee
  11. DPU-11-12-A_Page-31_WHO-2010_VT-TX-PUC

August Public Service Meeting

With just a couple of days notice over twenty people, mostly Worcester residents rearranged their week to attend the four hour workday afternoon committee hearing in order that their opposition to so-called ‘smart’ meters and their infrastructure be felt and their voices be heard.    CLICK HERE FOR SOURCED PDF SUMMARY

State Representative Steve DeNatale (D) Fitchburg who posed many relevant, still unanswered questions during a recent state congressional committee hearing on Bill H. 2926 made a surprise (very pleasant surprise!) appearance.  Mo Bergman, Councilor candidate <bergman2013.com> was among the speakers who raised excellent points. See below for links and details.


WorcesterTelegramGlogo“Utility to hold off on energy-use tower, monitoring system” 8/21/13 (link)


gololocalWorceste_LOGOPublic Hearing on Worcester Smart Meters Set for August 21″  (click here for article)



National Grid submitted a deceit-ridden document to the Worcester City Council     in July in response to a request for health and safety information.

Click for HaltMAsmartMeters’ rebuttal to National Grid’s quote misinformation.” 

Last week, HaltMAsmartMeters met with Worcester residents (special thanks to the hostess, Leslie Saffer) and Councilor Bill Eddy regarding the duplicitous submission and other related ‘smart’ topics.  Next thing we knew the agenda had been amended!

Quite a few folks plan to attend the hearing:  hope you can make it!

For more details and other HaltMAsmartMeters news and ‘action items’  click here.

Worcester is the site of National Grid’s $2,973 per meter, 3 new microwave network ‘smart’ pilot, i.e. Ground Zero for MA ‘smart’ metering. If we derail the Worcester pilot, MA ‘smart’ meters & their 90′ towers will be derailed.

o  This hearing is a unique opportunity for Worcester officials to hear the whole truth regarding the blatant, arrogant, intentionally deceitful misinformation National Grid submitted to Worcester officials in July, 2013 regarding requested pilot health, safety and security data.  http://www.env.state.ma.us/dpu/docs/electric/13-83/13-83-Filing-3732.pdf

o  Sure to be a discussion item is the fact that the NStar ongoing pilot in Boston, Newton and Hopkinton is an ‘opt in,’ that is ratepayers must make an informed decision to participate.  Conversely, the Worcester pilot is so-called ‘opt out’ that is you must call National Grid within 30 days of receiving a letter you probably tossed in the trash unread or surprise, you are a pilot participant.  (Virtually none of the nine to ten thousand participants knows that they did not ‘opt out.’  Are you one of them?)

o    At the request of Councilor Bill Eddy, Councilor Philip  Palmieri, Chair and the Public Service & Transportation Committee will hear public testimony regarding “Smart Grid”

§  Worcester City Hall, 3rd Floor, 455 Main St.:  Wednesday, 8/21 @ 4 pm

–       Attend the hearing to listen, speak or sit in solidarity in the gallery.  Bring a friend or two.

o    Worcester residents are especially important:  please contact everybody you know in Worcester.

–       If you cannot attend, please send an email to:

§  PalmieriP@worcesterma.gov and cc:HaltMAsmartMeters@gmail.com (who will submit a paper copy… email is an inexact process; they do not always make it into ‘the file’ )

§  For example:  “I am concerned about (choose one or many: health, privacy, security, safety, cost, Worcester being treated as second class citizens, etc.) preceded by

ü  “Please place a moratorium on ‘smart’ meters because” or
ü  “Please investigate ‘smart’ meters fully, beyond utility and other propaganda because”

§  Or (preferable)… compose your own.  Remember, shorter has a better chance of being read.
For more action items click here
For more general information click here
For more info regarding Worcester and the ‘smart’ pilot click here or email HaltMAsmartMeters@gmail.com
Thank you.

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