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SR from Worcester (Click for August 2013 testimonial)

  • I was taken by ambulance to a local hospital with a severe attack of vertigo
  • A little over a year later… I still was not connecting the meter to my health issues.
  • the dates of meter installation and my health problems coincided
  • the public should be informed about the possibility of negative effects

PR from Tatnuck (Click for July 2013 email to HMSM):

  • “When I questioned him about installing these meters without notice or permission, he responded they were not obligated to do that!”
  • “Had I not been home that day, there would be a Smart Meter on my home now without my consent. “


October 2013:  WCCA SPECIAL EDITORIAL:  ABOUT SMART METERS#1 John Dick  recounts two acquaintances’ recent auto-enroll/opt out sagas;  Clare and Patricia discuss various aspects and Leslie Saffer gives the testimony she recently presented to the Worcester Public Safety and Transportation Committee.  Click here for more ‘smart’ meter TV/Radio/Newspaper/Magazine links.

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