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I have been aware and have had my own personal experience with the Smart Grid System.

The major flaw/loophole in this National Grid program is that, they install these meters without permission or notice to the home owner. In many cases people don’t even seem to know that one of these has been installed and replaced their existing meter.

When a National Grid installer arrived at my house, quite some time ago, I was fortunate to have been home and saw the installer arrive at my home. I met him at the end of my driveway, and I asked him what his business was at my home. He replied he was here to install a new Smart Meter. I was aware of the pilot program, and I instructed the installer that I would not allow him to install a Smart Mater at my home. He said that was my right to decline the installation, marked my address as (Declined) and he left.

When I questioned him about installing these meters without notice or permission, he responded they were not obligated to do that!

It appears the only resource people have is to contact National Grid (ADDED BY HMSM:  855.377.7627), give them your name and address, and tell them you decline to have a Smart Meter installed at your property. Get a name of who you speak to and ask for some sort or reference number about your call. For your own records, write down the date and time you call and the name of the person you speak with.

Had I not been home that day, there would be a Smart Meter on my home now without my consent.  


PR, Tatnuck

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